About CWM

Woodcock Street – A BCP success story!

Building on the success and achievements of the multi-award winning Birmingham Construction Partnership, Constructing West Midlands (CWM) is the new delivery vehicle for capital building works and reactive / planned repair and maintenance works for public sector organisations throughout the West Midlands Region.

The framework currently comprises 7 lots with lots 1-6 covering reactive and planned repair / maintenance works as well as minor capital schemes up to a value of £500,000. These lots cover legionella inspection and servicing as well as mechanical, electrical and building works. Lot 7 replaces the BCP framework and is for major capital projects or programmes of work above £500,000 in value.

What are the benefits of using CWM?

Any public body using the framework will be benefiting from savings on significant procurement costs, particularly on high value projects that would have been subject to separate European Procurement tendering processes. In addition all participating public sector organisations will benefit from the cumulative volume discounts that have been incorporated into the contractual mechanisms.

Clients will also benefit from:

  • VALUE FOR MONEY – no direct tender costs, lower procurement costs, cumulative volume discounts.
  • FASTER PROCUREMENT – completed OJEU process, established contractor selection process, defined costs.
  • FLEXIBILITY – choice of direct allocation or mini competition, choice of Contractor and call-off options.
  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – local consultation, engagement, employment and training.
  • A TRIED AND TESTED ONE STOP SHOP – a second generation framework with a holistic approach to construction and maintenance.
  • BUILDABILITY & DELIVERY – early involvement, Key Performance Indicators, established processes.
  • CONTINUITY – a framework that can run to 2019.