Who can use CWM?

 The framework can be used by:

    • Local Authorities
    • Education bodies
    • Health organisations
    • Blue light services
    • Any other public bodies

Clients accessing the CWM construction framework can also rest assured that the Contractors appointed to all Lots under the Framework will have demonstrated their ability and commitment to work collaboratively with public bodies and other framework contractors to deliver tangible benefits and continuous improvement in key areas such as:

    • Efficiency – reducing construction waste; optimising capital costs v whole life costs; year on year    cost  reductions; volume discounts
    • Supporting communities by creating local business opportunities, local jobs and delivering on contractual requirements in terms of Targeted Recruitment and Training
    • Achieving exemplary outcomes in terms of sustainability and environmental impact in both design and construction
    • Encouraging excellence throughout the supply chain
    • Supporting collaborative initiatives between public sector organisations across the region
    • Driving innovation in construction processes and use of materials
    • Providing cost and programme certainty
    • Ensuring the highest possible standards of Health & Safety

Areas Covered by the Construction Framework: