Air Traffic Control Facility, Birmingham Airport

Customer: Birmingham Airport Ltd

Value: £4.5million

Duration: 56 weeks

The new tower stands at 33 metres above ground level and is home to Birmingham Airport’s air traffic control provider NATS. A new tower to suit the changing needs of the airport Morgan Sindall has finished the construction of the tower, however the project is still undergoing extensive fit out of avionics equipment. The facility will be fully operational in 2013 and will take over from the current control tower which has been in use since 1939. This 33 meter tower will be furnished with state-of-the-art radar and navigation equipment and will give the controllers a better view of the airfield, above buildings that have been developed over the last few years. It will also allow them to see the end of the extended runway which is scheduled to complete in 2014. A reinforced concrete tower and single storey base building Morgan Sindall has constructed the reinforced concrete tower, pre-fabricated visual control room assembly and associated external works. A single storey base building surrounds the tower; it has a two metre high earth embankment and perimeter security.