Birmingham Construction Partnership Decent Homes

Client: Birmingham City Council

Value: circa £120m

Duration: 7 1/2 years

The Decent homes programme incorporated internal improvement works, comprising of new kitchens and bathrooms, together with upgrades to central heating systems, rewiring and insulation. The external works included the provision of new roofs, roof repairs, soffits, fascias, guttering, windows, doors, cavity wall insulation, cladding, decoration and landscaping. The works also incorporated numerous void properties. At the conception of the BCP  a local office was established to facilitate the collaboration process, which formed a base for the entire project team and supply chain, with associated training rooms, meeting rooms and storage.

Once this office had been established the Client was invited to co-habit with us to enable communication to be more effective, to share working practices and training, whilst also developing a working relationship of mutual trust and confidence. At the outset of the BCP, 18 critical areas were identified and Collaborative Working Groups established for each, to define processes. Additionally all partners spent three months within Collaboration Workshops, with outputs collated into a framework operating manual, which reflected best practice.

The BCP was an exemplar of best value, local investment and regeneration, with the following benefits:

– WMCCE Integration & Collaborative Working Award & Contract Journal’s Long Term Partnership Award in 2007 and 2006

– £100m worth of cashable and non cashable savings, as identified within the 2007 Office of Government Commerce (OGC) review

– An review of the 2009/10 Decent homes programme, by the Cost Working Group, produced a saving of over £4.5m

– Over 80% of partnership spend within the Midlands

– 40% reduction in Client maintenance costs throughout the Decent homes programme

– £6m per annum savings through KPI performance based work allocation, as opposed to lowest cost tendering