Millennium Point Car Park, Birmingham

Client: Birmingham City Council

Value: £11.7m

Duration: 63 weeks

This project delivers a high quality 1,000 space multi storey car park between two of the most high profile developments in the city, Millennium Point and the proposed vertical Leisure Complex (vTP 200) and will be regarded as a visible statement of Council commitment to the delivery of a first class regeneration programme within Eastside and to its confidence in the wider Birmingham economy.

The MSCP is built on land formerly used by Millennium Point for surface level car parking. This land became available to the Council following completion of the Curzon Street CPO, which was enabled once funding for the MSCP was available.

A strong emphasis was placed on the quality of materials and visual impact of the scheme both in terms of urban design and appearance. For visitors, the car park provides a bright, welcoming and safe environment associated with the higher quality car parks in the Midlands.

The total cost of the project is £11.786 million, which provides for the construction of the multi-story car park, replacement coach park, temporary parking for Millennium Point and all project fees. The full planning application was submitted during March 2009 with construction of the car park taking place in September 2009.

Three different specialist parking systems were considered in the production of the budget costings. All three systems were structural steel framed with either precast or in-situ concrete decks. The costings were prepared using cost advice from specialist car park providers and specialist trade sub-contractors. The MSCP and the projects made possible as a result will be a demonstration of the City Council ‘leading the way’ in the Eastside Regeneration area through a time of wider economic uncertainty.

Contractor: Thomas Vale Construction