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About GF Tomlinson

GF Tomlinson is a regionally based main contractor, operating within the East and West Midlands, delivering successful construction projects to both the public and private sector clients.

For over 125 years, the family firm of G F Tomlinson has been building its formidable reputation as a client-oriented construction business.

It is a reputation with its roots in traditional values; personal service, high quality work, value for money and that element at the heart of every successful contract – trust. They are principles that have served well in the past and will be even more valuable in the future, both to us and our clients.

Our company was formed in 1892 and although we are very proud of our history and traditions, we embrace new ideas and ways of thinking so that we can deliver your project to you in a way that is innovative, competitive and sustainable.

We understand that delivering social value is fundamental on public sector contracts and as a leading regional contractor we understand the pressures on our clients to make every public pound go further and deliver more to support their citizens.

Our purpose is to deliver meaningful social, environmental, and economic benefits and our relationships clients, community stakeholders and supply chain partners have always been crucial to understanding and meeting local needs.

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