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About Interclass

Founded 44 years ago, Interclass is a family owned and run business, with its roots firmly in the Midlands marketplace. The diverse yet complimentary expertise within the business has provided sustainable growth and financial stability. That, coupled with our talent in identifying the right teams and developing them to work collaboratively to understand their clients’ needs and provide customer-focused and tailored solutions, whether that be design and build, traditionally procured, negotiated or competitively tendered.

People first construction

At Interclass we work together in close-knit teams and are passionate about transforming the built environment to create lasting legacies whilst building long-lasting relationships. Interclass is made up of like-minded individuals, many drawn from Tier-one contractor backgrounds, who have brought knowledge, experience and capability to Interclass, allowing us to establish ourselves as a contractor of choice.

Solving problems fast

Our philosophy is that it is never too early or too late to engage with us. To get the best results, the earlier the engagement the better, but we are not naive enough to believe that things always work out that way. That’s why we invest in our people and, as such, clients know they can call us when they need pragmatic advice or need us to react quickly.

Securing a place on the Constructing West Midlands framework, is a key highlight in the Company’s history.  We are proud of our past achievements and excited by our future.

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