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CWM Capital Works framework

Why choose our Capital Works framework

Cost effective, easy to access and flexible

The Constructing West Midlands Capital Works Framework delivers cost and time savings via the adoption of a more efficient procurement process.  Via CWM and its predecessor, the Birmingham Construction Partnership, we have a 17 year track record in the delivery of public sector projects. We also satisfy all the requirements to be affiliated with the NACF.  

Run by three large public sector organisations which are based in the heart of the Midlands, we understand the needs of communities in the region and, importantly, our interests align with those of the people who will ultimately use a facility. 

Our simple to access, flexible framework structure can be tailored to meet individual client requirements and delivers a wide range of client benefits.

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Why use our framework

The advantages of using CWM

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Our testimonials

“Constructing West Midlands is fully aligned with the Constructing Excellence principles.  It has the framework flexibility clients need and is focussed on serving local communities via the provision of impartial expert advice and projects which deliver sustainability, economic impact and social value.” 

Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence

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